Just A Few Things I Know For Sure!


The Christmas holidays and multiple birthdays all falling at the turning point of a New Year tends to make me a bit reflective.

A few lessons I learned from this phenomal year to take into 2015.

1. EVERYONE is dealing with their own personal struggle. Don’t let the façade of someone’s fb profile fool you. Health, financial, companionship, career oriented, etc. everyone is fighting a battle. No one is immune as we have even seen those with fame & fortune succumb to their struggles and take their own life. Knowing that we ALL deal with struggles should provide you comfort in knowing that you are not all alone. It should also provide you with the strength to push through your own personal struggles, no matter what they are.

2. Giving starts the receiving process. While you may be lacking in one area, you may have abundance in another. Genuinely sowing a seed of your time, talent or treasure into someone else who is in need and struggling to help their selves is a sure way to reap a harvest in your own area of lack & struggle.

3. The enemy of ambition is comfort. Comfort does not always mean happy, it simply means minimal risks are involved. Comfort is routine. No one wants to leave their comfort zone, no one wants to wake up early to go exercising, no one wants to stay up late to finish that project/ proposal, no one wants to keep going after they have tasted failure over and over again. It is all uncomfortable. If you want results in any part of your life, you have to be disciplined enough to step out of your comfort zone. Old ways will never open new doors.

4. Surround yourself with a truly diverse network. People who don’t look like you, don’t act like you or don’t even think like you. People with a different point of view. You don’t have to adopt their views, but be open to their different perspectives. You will grow from simply being smart, to truly garnering wisdom.

5. You are 6-inches away from everything that you want. Roughly the distance between your two ears. Develop your mind, be a continuous student on the subject of life. Set a plan for what you want and go get it. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The world makes way for those who KNOW where they are going.” And the good book says ‘A person’s gift makes room for them and brings them before the great.’ ‪#‎myowntruths‬ ‪#‎gogetit‬‪#‎ontheryse‬ #2015