Keys to Success


Interesting how successful people continue to invest in themselves and in their growth. Success is not something that happens by chance. If you study those who have achieved it, you will see that they continuously make the investment to develop their minds and their skill sets.

Maybe Benjamin Franklin said it best, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
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Beside Every Great Man


A man with big dreams NEEDS a woman with vision. Her perspective, her faith, her belief and her support are his anchor in his times of doubt.

If she doesn’t believe in you, challenge you and fully support you, then she’s no good for you.

Men who want to be great will expect you to believe in them, push them, pray with them, and fully support them during their arduous journey towards their dreams. ‪#‎goodwomen‬ ‪#‎goodmen‬ ‪#‎dreams‬ ‪#‎support‬ ‪#‎vision‬ ‪#‎belief‬‪#‎supporteachother‬ ‪#‎ontheryse‬ ‪#‎faith‬

The Thrill of the Pursuit

The Team

Received a motivating text in the 6 o’clock hour this morning from one of the Team RYSE members. It made me smile, because their comment was just what I was feeling at that very moment.

Man, there is nothing like the feeling of being on the hunt and finding yourself surrounded with a team who are just as hungry as you. ‪#‎thankful‬‪#‎teamRYSE‬ ‪#‎ontheryse‬ #2015 ‪#‎beastmode‬ ‪#‎holidaysdontstopthegrind‬

Failure is not an option?


‘Failure is not an option?’ Wisdom has taught me that some times failure is necessary. We learn so much through failures. Through our own failures, as well as the failures of others. Failure is most certainly an option, but being defeated by failure is not.

Bruised But Not Broken


Courage is not always about gloriously overcoming death defying odds and conquering insurmountable objects, sometimes courage is simply having the strength to continue fighting during the dark moments when things haven’t gone as planned and fear is whispering in your ear trying to steal your goals and dreams. ‪#‎keepthefaith‬

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