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Jay Jackson Sr

Jay Jackson is an accomplished entrepreneur and published author. Also known by many as “Action” Jackson, he is the Founder and CEO of RYSE: a digital media network that connects, empowers and celebrates influencers of color across the nation.

Jay often uses the line, ‘Don’t let the suit fool you’; referencing his childhood spent growing up in low-income communities surrounded by crime and heavy drug activity. Spending most of his childhood idolizing drug dealers within his community, it was through a chance meeting, while working for a delivery company, that he was exposed to the world of entrepreneurship that would forever change his life, delivering a package to the home of a successful businessman.


With a new outlook and a deep desire to overcome his childhood obstacles and find a greater purpose for his life, he fearfully left his deeply unfulfilling, low wage job to pursue the American dream of entrepreneurship. Naive but resilient, by the age of 31, Jay had ultimately launched and built two successful businesses in the fields of real estate, owning his own brokerage, managing a team of licensed professionals and in the health/ beauty industry, establishing one of Central Florida’s largest full service day spas, employing a staff of over 20 professionals.

These achievements earned him the title of 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year by the African American Chamber of Commerce, recognition as one of Central Florida’s 2010 Forty under Forty by the Orlando Business Journal and acknowledgment as the recipient of the 2010 Excellence in Business Award at the LBS Foundation’s Onyx Awards. His entrepreneurial success also garnered him an invitation to serve on the Small Business Advisory Board to former Congressman Alan Grayson. (The youngest member to serve on the board.)


Although his primary focus is in building and developing small businesses, Jackson’s true love and passion lie in motivating and inspiring others to pursue their dreams. It was the driving force behind him writing his 1st book, Cubicle to CEO – The BluePrint for starting your own business, where he shares with his readers, real-life lessons on how to overcome obstacles and turn their passion into profits.

Jay Jackson

A true Renaissance man, in 2011 Jay launched RYSE (Pronounced ‘Rise’), his latest venture intertwining the worlds of media, entertainment, and technology, further expanding upon his mission to empower others. A venture that has allowed him to build a client list that includes nationally recognized brands such as: Pepsi, State Farm, ESPN, Walt Disney World, BB&T Bank, AT&T, TD Bank, Universal Studios, the Orlando Magic, Mercedes Benz and Wal-Mart among many others. (Click here to read the story behind the launch of RYSE)

Because of Jay’s professional achievements despite his childhood struggles, he is often sought out as a speaker to share the story on his ‘RYSE’ to success. Whether speaking to a group of aspiring entrepreneurs or an assembly of youth and young adults, his passionate, earth-shaking message is always clear: “We all have the power to dream, we all have the ability to take action toward our dreams and we all possess the talent inside to successfully achieve our dreams.”

From troubled childhood to advising powerful politicians, Jay is a living example of everything he teaches and is ever ready to share his inspiring Words of Action.

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